Public Discussion: Implications of Croatian Access to EU on Bosnia and Herzegovina

Populari’s interns Fabien Segnarbieux and Kubra Emir participated in the public discussion named “Implications of Croatian Access to EU on Bosnia and Herzegovina” held in Sarajevo on June 26th 2014 and organized by the Association Alumni of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies (ACIPS).

This discussion aimed at promoting the new issue of “New Perspectives” magazine as well as discussing the influence of Croatian accession in the EU on Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event was led by the President of the ACIPS Managing Board, Adnan Huskić and Tijana Cvjetičanin, as one of the authors, and moderated by Damir Banović from the Center for Political Studies.

Cvjetičanin spoke mostly about the relations between the employees of Croatian nationality in the bh. administration and the official policies led by politicians of the Republic of Croatia.  She also dealt with possible facilitations implied by this relation for Bosnia and Herzegovina in its EU integration process.

Finally, Huskić described some of the conditions that are posed to BiH in the EU integration process and pointed out the lack of “substance” of the EU in its policies towards Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These speeches were followed by a set of questions aiming at pinpointing several issues of BiH in its EU integration