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Think tank Populari is recognized both in the country and outside of BiH as a reliable source of analysis within its scope of interest based on evidence and in-depth research.

Populari is known for its specific methodology and its ability to translate abstract and complex concepts into the life stories that matter. Owing to this, it is able of both contributing to public debate and influencing policymaking, but thanks to its approach it aims to make its publications interesting and accessible to all target groups including media and public in order to inform on the policies relevant to everyday life in BiH.

By getting involved with the think tank Populari, you contribute to improving public policies in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region, stirring public debate on relevant topics and building local capacities that can contribute to change and positive social climate.


Think Tank Populari’s internship programme provides a unique opportunity to students and recent graduates to experience first-hand what it means to engage in policy research. Due to our hands-on approach, interns will participate in all aspects of the research process and have the advantage of working closely with an experienced research team. This includes both domestic and international affairs, and allows interns to not only see and participate in the process through all its stages, but also develop their own project thesis during the internship.

As the work of a think tank is highly demanding, in both analysis and research abilities, candidates must be highly motivated to not only work as part of a team, but also independently. Although we cannot guarantee that all interns will be matched with their desired projects, we do our best to take an interns interests and qualifications into account upon placement.

The duration of the internship is not set, but there is a minimum requirement of 3 months.

Populari internships are not paid, and travel costs, travel arrangements (including visas) and living accommodations are the responsibility of the intern. Proficiency in English, both written and oral, is a requirement. As internships are based in our Sarajevo office, knowledge of the local language is a bonus, but not a requirement.

Due to a great number of applications, note that we must receive your application one month before the beginning of your desired internship period at the latest. In order to apply, please fill out this form.