In 2014, think tank Populari remained among the best think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe.

As a part of the „The Think Tanks and The Civil Societies“ program (TTCSP) that is beening implemented by the U.S. Pennsylvania Universtity for the last eight years, on January 22, 2015 the report was published under the title „2014 Global Think Tank Index“ acknowledging important contribution of the world’s best think tanks.

The report was done thanks to 3,572 university and faculty administrators, journalists, decision makers, think tank scholars and directors, as well as donors from all over the world and 1,950 experts who served as panelists by giving contribution through valuable analisys and support. According to their analysis, think tank Populari has for the third time in a row been placed on the list of the best think tanks in Central and Eastern Europe.

The „Top Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe“ category, Populari was ranked under, can be found on the page 86 of the Report.

You can find more information on the research in the Report on the right side.

*The initial effort to generate a ranking of world’s leading think tanks, dating back in 2006, has started as a response to a series of requests from donors, government officials, journalists and scholars to produce regional and international rankings of the world’s preeminent think tanks.  From its inception until now, an ongoing objective of this report is to gain a better understanding of the role think tanks play in governments and civil societies.  Using this knowledge, the annual ranking list contributes both to capacity and performance improvement of the think tanks worldwide.

Report: 2014 Global GO TO THINK TANK Index (.pdf) >>>