Open Discussion on Animal Welfare

Discussion on Animal Welfare was held on November 22, 2012 in the premises of the German Embassy in Sarajevo and organised by Populari.

Apart from the presentation of Populari’s report named “An Affair of Animal Welfare: Is Bosnia and Herzegovina Willing to Keep Hurting its Economy?” that was implemented in cooperation with DGAP, and recommendations resulting from the research, the purpose of the event was to open and initiate discussion on topics related to the readiness of Bosnia and Herzegovina to continue export in Croatia and to create conditions for the positioning on the new European markets after January 01, 2013.

Discussion was focused on concrete steps that Bosnia and Herzegovina has to take on its way to the EU markets in the context of animal welfare on farms and relevant EU legislation.

At the table, we discussed findings and recommendations with relevant stakeholeders and target groups (businessmen, farmers, policy makers, policy implementers) in order to find out what BiH possibilities are in relation to the following:

-export of chicken meat after January 1, 2013;
-production of high quality products and positioning on new markets, and,
-vital reforms of the veterinary sector.

More details on the discussion can be downloaded below:

Agenda: Open Discussion on Animal Welfare (.pdf) >>>