Policy Brief: Aesop’s Fables: 100,000 New Jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Election Promises Never Meant to be Done

Chronic unemployment is one thing all Western Balkan countries share in common. According to all relevant parameters, Bosnia and Herzegovina leads the pack. Despite being recognized as one of the most persistent issues undermining progress and development, solution to chronic unemployment is nowhere in sight.

Next time you decide to cast your vote, make sure you understand what has been offered in return.

In few days, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina will vote again. In the past weeks, if not months, citizens have heard many different promises, great ones and insignificant ones, based on which they will decide who to vote for. But do they, in the first place, understand what has been promised to them? Are those promises convincing, practicable, possible at all and if yes, exactly how?

Having such bleek picture, how credible is this pre-election promise?  Four simple questions provide all answers.

Question number 1. What is the total cost of 100.000 new jobs created?

Question number 2. What would be te impact of 100.000 new jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Question number 3. How long this process would take?

Question number 4. Where the money for 100.000 would come from?

Look up for all the answers in our new report.

Report: Aesop’s Fables: 100,000 New Jobs in Bosnia and Herzegovina (.pdf) >>>