Info Package: Business Bus

During the implementation of the project, we focused on the different fields with each having unique economic challenges in both entities.  Populari discussed how to improve the benefits SMEs and middle size entrepreneurs received from consultants (through diagnosis of the problem, offering solutions and progress evaluations) as well as the availability of consultants (through the promotion of field visits, identification of various type of required knowledge at different prices).

The aim of the brochure was to inform participants of the Business Bus Project on relevant and available sources of assistance.  Topics were selected based on issues identified during the consultations and the goal was to give more specific information on the  availability of advices and assistance in certain fields.

For this reason, we focused on local sources that are available by phone and that, if possible, are able to provide certain subvention or discount for those who are using it for the very first time.  Of course, our list of sources is not an exhaustive list, and we want you to look for additional sources, not only because the information, the names and contact numbers in this brochure will become obsolete sooner or later, but because we hope that the input received through this program will give you an idea on whom to contact next in case you found the initial consultations useful.

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