Policy Report: LORENZETTI'S BRUSH: More Governance, Less Governement

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Through a story of (non) implementation of the animal protection and welfare policy in the Sarajevo Canton, we illustrated the imperfections of governance in BiH – not only in Sarajevo, but also in Mostar, Zenica, Travnik and all other towns and systems that are in the state of collapse.

This is a story of the effects of good and bad state governance...

‘Good governance’ is one of the most commonly used and heard buzzwords in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Aside from the likes of reconciliation, rule of law or constitutional reform, it has been one of the focuses of reforms, interventions and donor activities for much of the country’s 20 years’ post-war period. While the concept is difficult to define, it is certain that the implications of it permeate the lives of ‘ordinary citizens’ every day. Good governance is related to just about any policy, ranging from social policy or rural development, healthcare provision or educational standards, to road maintenance or utility policies.


Experiencing inadequate provision of drinking water, a collapsing healthcare system or low schooling standards, it is clear to almost every citizen of BiH that the government in this sense is not performing well. But in spite of the central role good governance plays in ensuring the (at least the very basic) quality of lives of Bosnians, it is not a topic discussed in the media, among citizens or let alone by politicians. To demonstrate this and show the consequences of side-lining real-life issues for other, nearly other-worldly ones, we selected one of the most contentious topics in the capital of BiH at the moment – stray dogs, or rather the policy of animal welfare and protection.


As our paper explains, this particular policy and its implementation in the Canton of Sarajevo – while they might seem trivial at first – in fact lie at the intersection of all possible deficiencies, ailments, omissions, faults and failures of governance in BiH. What’s more, systemic flaws illustrated in this story are also a common thread in other regions of BiH, and when continuously tolerated by various segments of the society they are leading towards the deepening of the existing crisis and the further crumbling of the already bad governance. 


Due to the large scale and the depth of the problems presented, the set of recommendations would be unusually long. Then again, for most of these problems, strategies and feasibility studies have already been written, loans and funds have already been negotiated, and solutions have already been proposed. What is left to be done is to dust them off, and make the governments perform. 

Infographics : Stray Dogs_BHS
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