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A Political Romance: Relations between Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bilateral relations between Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina have in recent years been marked by frequent exchange of formal visits and are thus mostly seen as friendly, even brotherly or outstanding. Think tank Populari's report “A Political Romance: Relations between Turkey and BiH” questions the image of this bond and looks at its concrete results.

EU Stories - FCO Project
From Brazil to Brussels

Have you ever wondered what the national football team of BiH and the ruling alliance of six political party leaders in Bosnia have in common?  With substantial backing from the media, both have the power to steer the change, for better or for worse.

EU Stories - FCO Project
More Money than Sense in BiH?

The aim of the four-month long research into what we called "understanding European Union (EU) money in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)" was to learn about the challenges different governmental levels in BiH face in their understanding of financial opportunities offered by the EU.

EU Stories - FCO Project
The Cost of Non-European BiH

Where do we stand with the Road Map for the export, a strategic document for BiH, how good is debate on Croatian accession to the EU, how much it all costs? Answers to these questions we have you can get in our research on the economy of animal welfare.

An Affair of Animal Welfare

Think Tank POPULARI undertook a study of Bosnia’s veterinary sector through a rather unique lens: animal welfare at slaughter. With the EU’s animal welfare requirements as a backdrop, Think Tank POPULARI examined Bosnian legislature as well as how well law and practice are matched on the ground. The product is a policy brief aimed at both the private sector and at Bosnia’s civil servants, with recommendations how to better align both practice and legislature with that of the EU.

EU Stories - FCO Project
BiH-A Chronic Special Case

According to BiH Statistics Agency every one of us produces around 1 kg of waste every day and this includes only the waste we produce in our households, the so-called communal or municipal waste. Annually, this amounts to 365 kg of waste per person. If we multiply this figure with 75.5, the average life expectancy in BiH, we see that every inhabitant of this country produces 27,557.5 kg of waste during his or her lifetime. This is the weight of four fairly large African elephants.

The Real Face of Power Struggles in Bosnia
Governing Garbage

Governing Garbage is a project undertaken by Populari to describe BiH governance structures through an analysis of waste management sector.

Sharing Croatia's EU Accession Experience
Good Neighbours

The project examines Croatia's experience during the EU accession process with the purpose of channelling current EU-related debates in BiH into addressing practical and concrete issues linked with BiH's European future.

Populari Portal
The Parliament SEARCHLIGHT

Supported by Open Society Institute, last year Populari developed the “Parliamentary SEARCHLIGHT”, a database of BiH State-level legal acts and legislative processes of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

SeeNet Bridge Initiative
SeeNet: A Trans Local Network for Cooperation between Italy and South East Europe

The core strategy of this project is to give continuity to the territorial partnerships built by one part of the the Italian system of decentralized cooperation with the aim to support the Western Balkans countries’ integration into European Union.

Breaking Negative Stereotypes About Bosnia and Herzegovina

The local media often broadcast reports without a critical review or comment. All this in turn helps create the feelings of apathy that are present in the fibres of the BiH society.

EU Negotiations on Visa Liberalisation
The Schengen White List Project

The Schengen White List Project is a joint research effort between Populari and ESI with the goal of making sure that the EU-led process is merit-based: strict but fair!

Take a Virtual Tour of Central Bosnia!
Multi Kulti in Bosnian Mountains

In cooperation with ESI, Populari has been actively doing research in the Region of Central Bosnia, in particular Travnik, Novi Travnik, Vitez, Ahmići and Fojnica.

Demonstrate the Viability of a Mobile Business Support Service in Bosnia
The Business Bus

The Business Bus was a three-month pilot project designed to explore whether a mobile team of business professionals could be a feasible means of providing business support to small firms throughout BiH.

Let's Go to South Eastern Europe
Return to Europe

Hop on and let's take a ride across the south-east of Europe. What is so fascinating about this colourful entity called the "Balkans"? History is told on old Roman and Ottoman roads, in young urban centres like Tirana, in the mountaineous countryside of Montenegro. With stories written by life - and based on the results of sound scientific research by the European Stability Initiative (ESI).