Conference: Road to Recovery: The Impact of Creative Industries on the Economic Development of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jasminko Halilović, Populari's Deputy Director, participated at the Conference: 'Road to Recovery: The Impact of Creative Industries on the Economic Development of Bosnia and Herzegovina' that was held on October 23, 2013 in Sarajevo and organized by the Center for Policy and Governance, supported by National Endowment for Democracy and OSI Think Tank Fund.

Source: Center for Policy and Governance web page


Aiming at a more coherent and strategic approach to the Creative Industries in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in order to explore its potentials for domestic economic development, the Centre for Policy and Governance within its 'Road to Recovery' program organized the first conference on Creative Industries in BiH.


Several interesting speakers presented different aspects of the creative industries and their importance.  Many issues have been addressed including the analysis of the current state of the creative economy in BiH.  It was concluded that this area is under-explored, and that a lot of untapped potential remains.  This was confirmed by the data on the level of development of creative industries in the EU countries where they represent a significant source of growth and innovation.


In a broader sense, the research as Populari’s basic activity is also considered to be a creative industry. Thus, in the coming period, Populari will through its actions, continue to contribute to a better understanding of the importance of creative industries for the development of society.


More details on the conference can be found in the invitation and agenda on the right side.


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